When we decided on setting up a Certified Jackin competition, along with upcoming event partners Grenade to unearth some talent to come along and play alongside ILL PHIL and our other DJ’s, we never expected to have a response as big as we have had. It has been truly exceptional, and we’ve been totally overwhelmed with how excited you have all been at the prospect of playing for Certified. It means so much to us.

We have sifted through hours and hours of music, from the old-ish Jackin’ house style, to more current bass and tech house offerings and we have enjoyed every minute. It really has been tough.

We would like to say a humongous thank you to everyone that has entered, it really is appreciated.

Here are the ‘Top Four’ mixes, as picked by ourselves, ILL PHIL and the Grenade Events team:

Lewis Joél:



Dave Fogg:


Calum John


Lisa Sharred:



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If you didn’t make the cut, massive commiserations. It was almost impossible to pick just four.

Please stay in contact and we will be happy to help you wherever we can with the promotion of your tracks and mixes, the best way to do so is by inboxing us on our Twitter account.

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